exploring the digital frontier project

Ron WILD, SmartHospital Map, Digital print, 2018

March 15 – July 6, 2018


Vaughan City Hall:
on the slate Atrium Gallery
2141 Major Mackenzie Drive

Curatorial Statement
Sharon Gaum-Kuchar, Art Curator, City of Vaughan

Ron Wild’s creative digital approach to bridging the divide between ART and SCIENCE is manifested in his playful penchant for collaborating with scientists, mathematicians and medical researchers. Self-described as a “cross-camp runner, transporting ideas from one silo of expertise to the other; he not only cross-pollinates original ideas, but also illustrates the lateral thinking explorations that spawned them in the first place."
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smARTcities: Call for Digital Art Submissions

Ron WILD, OncoMap, Chromogenic original, 2012

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, September 28, 2018

Download the Submission Application

Inspired by the smARTcities: exploring the digital frontier mapping collages of digital artist Ron Wild featured in the Vaughan City Hall art exhibition [view the online exhibition gallery], you are invited to submit your own digital interpretation of the transformative potential for Smart City technologies to accelerate economic growth and generate efficiencies. Use your creative voice to echo Vaughan’s vision and promote diversity, innovation and opportunity for all citizens, fostering a vibrant community life that is inclusive, progressive, environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Your submission will be integrated into an original MEGAsmARTcities digital map, remixed and composed by artist Ron Wild in collaboration with the City of Vaughan. Eventually, this inspirational MEGAsmARTcitiesMAP profiling the transformative role of Smart technology that you helped create, will be incorporated into a Public Art installation sited in the City of Vaughan.

Download the Submission Application

For more information on this project and other visual art initiatives at the City of Vaughan, contact: Sharon Gaum-Kuchar, Art Curator │

Ron WILD, SmartCity Map, 2018, Digital print, 2018

Vaughan is realizing its vision for a smart city with a focus on prosperity, inclusivity and resiliency to ensure long-term economic vitality. It is adopting and applying new technologies consistent with priorities defined by citizen collaboration.

Ongoing community engagement is vital to the City’s success. Citizens and visitors joined Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and artist Ron Wild for an engaging evening at the smARTcities SALON on Thursday, March 22 at Vaughan City Hall. The evening featured a panel discussion and exchange of ideas about art, innovation and city-building. Notable panelists included Oren Berkovich (CEO of SingularityU Canada Summit), Lilian Radovac (University of Toronto Professor, Urbanist and Cultural Historian) and City of Vaughan Chief Information Officer Frank Di Palma.

“Vaughan is a leader in championing smart city technologies and initiatives. It is events like the smARTcities SALON that encourage thought leadership and bring about new ideas through the lens of visual art. Bridging the gap between art and science helps us create a place where people can live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. It is important that we continue to foster public engagement to shape Vaughan’s bright future.”

-Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua

Ron WILD, OncoMap, Chromogenic original, 2012

Digital Art | Science collaborator Ron Wild hails from western Canada and currently works in downtown Toronto. Although most of his artistic projects are solo efforts, he often collaborates with a variety of different scientists, mathematicians and medical researchers. His eclectic background (Engineering degree, M.B.A. and Information Technology experience) provides a unique foundation for his digital smART Map montages.
His flourishing international exposure includes an extensive exhibition history of solo and group shows spanning across North America and Europe (including The Artist Project in Toronto and the TOP 40 at the Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art); a series of high profile public art installations/activations (Luminato and Nuit Blanche in Toronto) and Artist-in-Residencies (the Arctic Circle in Svalbard, Norway); and his distinctively recognizable work is housed in a growing number of private and corporate collections.
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