Mayor's Smart City Advisory Task Force (SCATF)

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, Chair of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Sub-Committee, requested that the Chief Corporate Initiatives and Intergovernmental Relations report back to the May 18, 2016, (Item 3, Report No. 2) that lays out a Terms of Reference for the creation of a Smart City Advisory Task Force to explore, study, recommend and advance actions necessary to further Vaughan’s growth as a Smart City.

Establishing a Smart City Advisory Task Force (SCATF) will better enable staff to meet the challenges and opportunities of the growing digital and urban society, where leading municipalities are embracing “smart city” principles and technologies. The community perspectives in the development of a smart city initiative will provide recommendations of smart city technologies for Council’s ultimate consideration.

The Task Force’s primary objective will be to provide advice to Council and the City administration, including high-level political and community perspectives into the development of a smart city initiative. Bill Hutchison has been appointed the Facilitator of the Mayor’s Smart City Advisory Task Force supporting the chairs and co-chair to lead a series of workshops of citizen-focused priority areas from which stakeholders have been selected.

The citizen workshops and working groups will provide citizen engagement and input towards future strategies and ideas.

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