Curatorial Statement

Sharon Gaum-Kuchar, Art Curator, City of Vaughan

Ron Wild’s creative digital approach to bridging the divide between ART and SCIENCE is manifested in his playful penchant for collaborating with scientists, mathematicians and medical researchers. Self-described as a “cross-camp runner, transporting ideas from one silo of expertise to the other; he not only cross-pollinates original ideas, but also illustrates the lateral thinking explorations that spawned them in the first place.”

His quirky digital depictions engage viewing audiences by challenging conventional perceptions of what constitutes art. Ron’s intuitive belief that “Science isn’t just for Scientists and Art isn’t just for Artists” generates a refreshing interpretation of ARTmeetsSCIENCE; and through his digital compositions, provides the quintessential conduit for conveying key Smart City messaging. Importantly, these smARTcity maps – some of which incorporate Vaughan-centric imagery – help us envision the transformative role technology and the ‘internet of things’ can play in Vaughan’s digital evolution.

Ron formulates his own symbolic vocabulary – a dynamic juxtaposition of digital iconography – to create pictorial montages and share innovative perspectives about scientific themes. The cleverly orchestrated layers of visual images in these maps, distil into digestible ‘bytes’, many of the complex technological concepts associated with enabling Smart Cities in the Digital Age. Hence, Ron becomes the paradigmatic interpreter who creates a portal where “Art can take Science to places and audiences that it couldn’t otherwise reach; while through and with Art, research organizations can engage a much broader audience and, in so doing, increase the impact of Science.”

Filtered through the artist’s innovative creative process, these smARTcity maps merge and animate a broad range of intellectual interests and technological jargon. Ron Wild truly brings a whole new digital shade of meaning to the Renaissance Man.