Artist Statement

Ron Wild

My creative process features vibrant mash-ups remixing up to 100 layers of finely detailed mathematical and scientific digital imagery, delivering visual montages that spark many novel ideas and insights. I have a knack for playfully collaging disparate images into a cohesive whole. I call them ‘maps’ because they reflect the organic results of the pixel by pixel micro-composing attention I pay to them. My smART Maps generally portray my genuine interests in math + science + engineering + technology + innovation + creativity. In addition, I focus on what is special about the here and now of the early 21st century. I find inspiration in blazing new trails in our Digital Age.

The exhibition centerpiece, SmartCity Map with Vaughan-specific references, is based on a mind mapping of a dozen different city facets that can benefit from smart technology approaches. It includes details from other smART Map artworks included in this exhibition, i.e. challenging architects and designers to combine art and science in innovative ways, studying the formation of patterns in nature and the geometrical basis of graphics technology used in movie special effects and computer games.

My SmartHospital Map celebrates the construction of the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. It builds on the medical research conducted at other leading Canadian centres like MaRS in Toronto that inspires my interest in and collaboration with the innovative achievements of mathematical physicists and neuroscientists.