Canada's Smart Cities Challenge

The Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge is a competition to help inspire communities to define their future, with the help of their residents, through the use of a smart cities approach.

The City of Vaughan is competing for $10 million in the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. The challenge is awarded to cities that can demonstrate innovative ways to use data and connected technology to address local issues. The goal of a smart city is to improve the daily lives of our residents, making Vaughan one of the most livable cities in Canada.

The Smart Cities Challenge proposal by the City of Vaughan, in collaboration with our citizens, builds off the leadership of our Federal Government in placing mental well-being at the forefront of its agenda.

By leveraging leading-edge technology, expertise from our Mayor’s Smart City Advisory Task Force and invaluable insight from engaged Vaughan residents, we will implement a Digital Gardens concept to produce scalable, positive outcomes.

Vaughan’s identity is closely linked to a number of smaller communities, with which many of our residents closely identify. The Digital Garden is a collaborative sharing platform for data, ideas and solutions. Through a centrally located Vaughan LaunchPad, in our new downtown core, our proposal seeks to use data and citizen collaboration to foster connections linking Vaughan’s five communities through Local Gardens.

We are confident this will drive social cohesion and enhance a sense of belonging, while improving accessibility to City services, information and events.

The concept of the Digital Garden will change the way we live, work, play and move around, placing Vaughan citizens at the cutting edge of transformation. This will cement and cultivate a “One Vaughan” sentiment and make the City of Vaughan one of the most connected and socially cohesive cities.​

Read the Vaughan Smart City Application